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Spring and Fall on Vancouver Island are a particularly beautiful time of year, as is Summer. Winter is very mild and we have many visitors from the other - colder- provinces, who come here to escape the cold Winters.

Here is some information on the local weather patterns:

The condo is located in the Cowichan Valley, known locally in history as the "warm land", on the east side of Vancouver Island overlooking the Gulf Islands, actually in Ladysmith, 45 miles north of Victoria and about 12 miles south of Nanaimo. This area enjoys the most temperate temperature throughout the year in all of Canada.
    Seasonal Average Temperature range:
  • Autumn (Sep-Dec) 6 to 20 C (43-69 F)
  • Winter   (Dec-Apr) 6 to 13 C (42-56 F)
  • Spring   (Apr-July) 13 to 24 C (56-75 F)
  • Summer (Jul-Sep) 21 to 24 C (69-75 F)

Although these are the average highs for those seasons, it occasionally drops below freezing in the winter, and frequently rises above 30 C (97 F) during July and August.  It is also known to rain in any given month of the year.

Departure Bay, which is in Nanaimo 12 miles north of the condo, is the highest mean temperature throughout the year of anywhere in Canada, as verified by the Federal Government Fisheries Biological Research Station located there.  Because we have less wind and fewer winter storms, we are actually a bit warmer here than Victoria (which is famous for its temperate climate), by a couple of degrees C on average.

There is hardly ever any snow here in winter; if it does snow, it normally lasts only a day or two. The wettest months are October and November. Locally, golf usually carries on right through the Winter on Vancouver Island, except for on colder days in January and February. That is one reason this area is so popular, the temperate climate. Vancouver Island is very large and the condo is located fairly central.  There is much to see and many interesting places to visit.